First National Bank (FNB) Bursary

FNB bursary is provision made for tertiary education access for students and individuals who are academically capable and committed but financially disadvantaged. An FNB Fund sponsored bursary administered by Studietrust is a partial bursary.

First National Bank (FNB) Bursary Details

FNB offers financial support in a form of a bursary for the following career options studies

Actuarial Science
Economic & Management Sciences
Financial Management
Investment Management
Quantitative Finance
Computer Science
Information Systems
Information Technology
Human Resources
Organisational Psychology

Fnb Engineering Bursaries

Aeronautical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Building Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Management
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Mining Survey

Fnb Sciences Bursaries

Mathematical Statistics
Business Information Technology
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Information Systems
Information Technology
Software Development
Actuarial Science

FNB Bursaries Requirements

A certified copy of this year’s June exam results or an appropriate progress report if no examination was written with a minimum of 60% in Mathematics, English and Physical Science.
A copy of your final results if you have completed your NSC (matric).
Your academic record if you are currently studying at a tertiary institution.
Two testimonials: The first by a responsible educational official (e.g. your principal or lecturer) and the other by a community leader (e.g. your spiritual leader, local civic leader, etc.). See Sections 5 and 6.
An essay on your life in Section 7. This essay must be written by you personally.
Your parent / guardian / friend may include a letter of recommendation.
Proof of income/salary* of parent(s) or guardian. (*e.g. payslip or letter from employer or sworn statement or tax return statement).
A certified copy of your South African Identity Document (ID).

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