GTAC Bursary

GTAC Bursary Information

GTAC bursary is awarded on annual basis to students who pursue Master’s in economics. The aim of this bursary offer is to attract young economists to public sector economics, and to the public service as a career.

GTAC Bursaries Available

There are 10 bursaries offered on yearly basis to applicants with Honours degrees in economics. They pay for studies towards a Master’s degree in economics. Unfortunately  only applicants who are South Africans are permitted to apply for this opportunity.

GTAC Bursary Amount

The maximum allocation is R150,000 per year for two consecutive years. Additional from financial support, successful bursary holders receive support from GTAC and National Treasury in many other ways.

Bursary Obligation

Bursary holders may be asked to perform vacation work, internships, individual mentoring, and group support.

Bursary Application Requirement

You must be a South African citizen
Hold an Honours degree in economics (by March 2018)
Eexcellent communication and writing skills
Be interested in a career at National Treasury, GTAC or a provincial Treasury

How To Apply?

Bursary application enquiries must be directed to