Study Trust Bursary

Study Trust bursary application forms may only be ordered if the applicant is not able to apply online. Details of where to apply for forms will be avialable from 1 April on this forum. Forms may only be ordered from 1 April to 31 August.

Only applications from South African citizens studying at public educational institutions will be considered.

Study Trust Bursary Information

The main criteria used in the selection of successful applicants are financial need, academic potential and career-oriented study programmes.
Preference is also given to applicants from rural areas and to female applicants.
Studietrust school bursaries (Grade 9 to 12 only) are aimed at learners who maintain an average of at least 70% in all their subjects. Preference will be given to learners with Mathematics* and Science as subjects. (*Pre-2008: Mathematics Higher Grade; post-2008: Mathematics, not Mathematical Literacy.)

Full-time students at Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges and Agricultural Colleges are eligible for bursaries.

University of Technology and University students who study full-time, with above 50% in all their subjects, and who follow career-oriented programmes that are in demand in the labour market, are eligible. Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering and Education (with Maths and Science) are preferred study programmes.

No bursaries are available for private tertiary institutions.
Please apply timeously for admission for next year to the educational institution of your choice. Call the Helpline of the SAQA Career Advice Services (0860-11-16-73) or visit the websites of the different tertiary institutions for information on the relevant application procedures.

Study Trust Bursary Value

R59 000.00

Selection Criteria

When you click the “apply online” button at the bottom of this page you will land on our pre-screening page. Here you should enter your latest school results to see if you qualify for any of our bursaries. You will also need to know at what type of institution you would want to study, e.g. School, FET College, Agricultural College, University of Technology or University.You will be asked to select one of the bursary types we offer. Information on all the bursary programmes we administer is available on their website . If you are not sure which option to select, please select the Studietrust bursary. We will consider all applications we receive for all bursaries we administer.Submit your latest school results. If you are currently in Grade 12 or busy with tertiary studies, please provide your latest (June / mid-year) results. If you are in Grades 8-11 please provide your latest results.

The system will verify whether you qualify before you take all the trouble to complete the application form.
You will receive one of two messages: You either qualify, or you do not. You may retry for qualification by selecting another institution type or study programme. If you qualify for a Studietrust bursary, you may continue the application.

Section 1 – General Information
Firstly you have to provide us with general information about yourself. Please ensure that we have correct and reliable contact information.

Section 2 – Study Programme Details
Here you will provide information about if and what you were studying this year, your highest educational qualifications, the names of the institutions you studied and want to study at, the specific study programme you enrolled for next year and the level of your study. You will also provide your final grade 11 and latest grade 12 results, your latest tertiary results if you are already at tertiary level.

Section 3 – Family Details
To comply with the requirements of our sponsors Studietrust needs information about your family. You will have to submit detailed information of your total family income, your parents or guardian, and other dependants living in your house. You will have to provide proof of income, etc. by uploading digital copies of the required documents.

Sections 4-6 – Testimonial and Biographical Information
Download and fill in all three forms. Two testimonials – one from a community or spiritual leader (Section 4) and one from an educational official (e.g. principal, teacher or lecturer) (Section 5) and an “Essay on my Life” (Section 6). After the forms have been completed they must be scanned in a low resolution and uploaded in the appropriate place.

Section 7 – Supporting Document Uploads
The following supporting documentation must accompany your application – if applicable.
Use the browse function to find the relevant file and upload.

1. A certified death certificate for each of your deceased Parent(s) / Guardian / Spouse. If death certificates are not available you may attach sworn affidavits for each of the deceased.
2. A certified copy of the divorce certificate if your parents are divorced or a sworn affidavit if they are separated but not divorced.
3. Sworn affidavits for each of your unemployed Parent(s) / Guardians / Spouse.
4. A certified copy of your guardian’s latest pay-slip or latest financial statement (if she/he is self-employed).
5. A certified copy of for your mother / step-mother’s latest pay-slip or latest financial statement (if she is self-employed).
6. A certified copy of for your father / step-father’s latest pay-slip or latest financial statement (if he is self-employed).
7. A certified copy of your ID document.
8. Tertiary results. A certified copy of your full academic record including your June results if you are/were a tertiary student.
9. A certified copy of your NSC/Matric results.
10. A certified copy of your school results for June this year.

Submit Application Form
After you completed all required information and attached all supporting documents you may finally submit your application by declaring that all information given in this form and the attached documents is true and accurate. Remember once you submitted you will not be able to change anything.

How To Apply

Download Study Trust Bursary Application Form 2019