Metropolitan Bursary

Metropolitan Bursary

Metropolitan is a division of MMI Holdings which was setup around 1890’s in South Arfrica. It is one of leading financial services providers in the country. Today the organization has branched to other countries like Ghana, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana and others.

Metropolitan Bursary Information

Metropolitan bursaries are granted annually to ensure that highly self-motivated achievers are given the opportunity to realize their career ambitions in life insurance.

We’ve done the math, so take a look at what our bursaries have to offer in return for your skill, enthusiasm and commitment:

Metropolital Bursary Allocation

Bursaries cover the following:
Full tuition and residential fees
Textbooks and incidental expenses
Incentive bonuses for exceptional achievements
Annual travel allowance for flights back home (where applicable)
We also provide vacation work from 2nd year and a basic living allowance
As well as excellent networking opportunities, your chance to meet other actuaries in the business
The opportunity to enroll at either the University of Cape Town or the University of Stellenbosch.

Upon the successful completion of your Metropolitan Bursary Programme:

You will be assigned an experienced Actuary as your Mentor
Guaranteed employment within one of the largest financial institution in Africa, where you can apply your experience and skills

Metropolitan Bursary Requirements

You need to be a matriculant who is achieving over 85% in Mathematics ,as well as Additional Maths or Maths3. Plus you need to obtain A’s in at least 2 other related subjects (e.g. Accounting/Physics), level 6 or above.

Metropolitan Bursaries applications are now open for 2018.

Contact details:
Melanie Banda
Actuarial Bursary Administrator

Bursary Eligibility

In order for applications to be considered by Metropolitan, they must meet these following requirements:

  • a minimum of 85% for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics and Mathematics 3 in Matric in required
  • You must be enrolled  or intend to enroll towards a bachelors degree in actuarial science,
  • Also be enrolled or intend to enroll at The University Stellenbosch or University of Cape Town
  • Be able to complete your course in prescribed period

How To Apply?

Apply online on the website on Metropolitan

or leave your email address below for Metropolitan bursary application forms