ABSIP Bursary

ABSIP Bursary

Absip bursary scheme is only open to historically disadvantaged individuals to help ABSIP achieve its strategic objective of promoting careers in the financial services sector as a profession within the black communities and also of facilitating growth in the demographic representation of black professionals in the core strategic areas of the financial services sector.

Absip Bursary Information

The relevant course of study for an ABSIP bursaries opportunities is commercial degree or a related discipline however a course of study that is considered critical or in short supply to the broader South African economy will also be considered.
The bursary is designed to offer financial assistance based on academic merit and financial need as in the ABSA bursary. The academic merit involves having achieved a good academic record at the school level or at least a second class pass in the university studies.

Bursary Progress Report

In the 2017 ABSIP awarded a full tuition bursary to one student studying towards an actuarial science degree at the University of Pretoria. A further four students have been selected to receive the ABSIP bursary of R50 000 each in 2013. The selection committee based their selection of the students on a combination of academic merit and financial need.

The four students (2 at the University of Johannesburg, 1 at the University of Pretoria and 1 at the University of Witwatersrand) are each studying towards various degrees in the broader commerce and finance disciplines. Bursary holders are expected to maintain satisfactory academic performance, to be members in good standing and to be involved in ABSIP activities.

The Absip bursary scheme is one of many projects that ABSIP undertakes to achieve its vision of being the lead custodian of professional interest and black business in the Financial Services sector.
The bursary application form can be found in the ABSIP website  or at the Financial Aid Centres of the local tertiary institutions.