Amplats Bursary

Amplats bursary puts a high degree of importance on the training and development of our employees.  The Amplats bursary scheme is mainly designed to give young professionals an entry point into the company. Amplats puts a high degree of importance on the training and development of our employees.

This bursary scheme not only provides these bursars with an academic qualification, but it also gives them all the skills they will need to launch a successful career in Platinum and in the mining industry like BHP Billiton bursary.

Amplats Bursary Information

Amplats bursary is attractive in many respects not only does it cover all of the financial needs of bursars, but it also provides medical cover and includes a computer allowance. The scheme offers the prospect of a permanent position with the world leader in platinum – Anglo American Platinum Limited.

Amplats strongly believes that operations can only be successful it the most qualified candidates are used and this is why they are prepared to run such and extensive bursary program. They produce thirty-eight percent of the world’s platinum and they strive to equip their staff with the best possible education and experience. If you have the right attitude and determination to be considered for one of their exciting bursaries then you should apply today. Join a diverse, vibrant and technologically advanced company offering the best there is to all of their employees.

Entering the world of Anglo American Platinum Limited opens the door to a career path in our operations across southern Africa, and also in the bigger, global Anglo American Group.

Amplats Bursary Application Process

Bursary Application forms must be submitted to:
The Bursary Department
Amplats Development Centre
P.O. Box 450
South Africa
Tel: 014 596 0190