BDO Bursary

BDO bursary is made as an offer to students deserving of and studying towards a Chartered Accountancy qualification.

Preference is given to well-rounded individuals who perform equally well in all areas of their lives.

Bursaries are financial assistance given to students for further study for either degree, post graduate studies or both.

BDO Bursary

BDO bursary awarded on a financial needs basis and are linked to satisfactory academic achievements with a solid academic track record at school and/or university.

The bursary has made a commitment cover all or part of the students’ academic fees, and textbook allowance for the year. BDO bursary is renewed on year basis. Student must submit their result in order to renew their bursary.

Students who are awarded a bursary are required to serve a training contract with the specific office who awarded the bursary on completion of their studies.

Bursaries have conditions attached to them and once students have completed their studies, students will have to work for a period of three years.

BDOS’s amount of money can be for that of a full bursary or that of a half bursary. Our bursaries do not cover all study expenses and only covers registration fees, tuition fees and books for each year of study.

Students have to therefore be prepared to meet some of the costs similar to iLASA bursary.

Applications are collected and processed throughout the course of the year, due to the number of applicants, applicants may only receive feedback towards the end of the year.

How To Apply

Apply online