Bursaries Annual Value

This bursary covers full tuition and residence fees plus an annual cash and book purchase allowance.

Bursary Period

The bursary will cover your full studies but must be renewed every year by producing results for the year completed successfully.

Where To Study With This Bursary?

You can study at any university offering commercial degrees in South Africa

Who Can Apply?

For current matriculants or current university students wishing to study commerce or engineering.Matriculants must have Mathematics and Science with a minimum of 60% (Science not required for business degrees)

Bursary Service Contract

There is no employment obligation. Candidate must be able to provide proof of financial disadvantage.

Closing Date15 June of each year

Bursary Application Address

Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Bursary c/o Career Wise (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 30632