Citrus Academy Bursary

The Citrus Academy Bursary fund was created in year 2006 with the intention of supporting students who want to further their studies. Since its inception, the fund has grown in both value and student numbers to where it is now one of the largest private bursary funds in the primary sector, and by far the largest in primary agriculture.

Citrus Academy Bursary fund has had a tremendous success in terms of student performance, With more than 95% of our students successfully completing their courses. Many of our students were productively integrated into the citrus industry at various levels, from production personnel to technical managers and quality control auditors.

In 2011 we produced a report on the first five years of the Bursary Fund, which you can read and / or download in e-book format by clicking here.

Students Funding

The administration of the Bursary Fund is paid for by the service fee which we receive from the Citrus Growers Association. Funding for bursaries and associated programmes are sought from donors. The main contributors to the Bursary Fund are the Citrus Industry Trust and the AgriSETA.

Vocational Learning Opportunity

We aim to put young people in to the citrus industry who are not only well qualified, but who also has a sound understanding of the industry and the working environment.

To this end, we provide various vocational learning opportunities to all Bursary Fund beneficiaries. This includes an internship, graduate placement and holiday work programme (collectively referred to as Workplace Learning), the Industry Exposure programme, and the Ready-Steady-Work programme. For more information on these programmes and on how to access these benefits, please use the links above or on the Bursary Fund menu

How To Apply?

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