Exxaro Bursary

Exxaro Bursary Information

Exxaro bursary is granted to applicants in matric who have a keen interest in studying towards obtaining degrees or diplomas in the following disciplines.

Exxaro Bursaries Available

Electrical-heavy current
Supply Chain
Information management
Human resources

Exxaro Diploma Bursaries

Mine surveying
Bursaries are also granted to students who are currently studying at universities in South Africa. If such opportunities exist within the Talent Pipeline, recruitment will be done via Exxaro associated Universities.
Exxaro believes in Powering Possibilities not just in the engineering fields but also in fields that can positively contribute to well-being, upliftment and sustainable development in the communities in which we operate. The following fields are of special concern to us:

Providing education in Maths and Science
Research studies in one of our four chairs:
Exxaro Chair in Global Change and Sustainability at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) Exxaro Chair in Business and Climate change at University of South Africa Exxaro Chair in Biodiversity at University of Pretoria Exxaro Chair in Business at University of Pretoria

Exxaro Bursary Value

Bursar Offer: Exxaro offers a comprehensive bursary that covers the following expenses:
Tuition, book fees, residence, meals, computer and miscellaneous allowance
Vacation work for bursary holders as prescribed by the institution of study
Professional-in-Training programme after completion of studies
Exciting career prospects


For B.Eng / B.Sc studies: A minimum level 6 for Mathematics, level 6 for Physical Science and level 5 for English

For B.Tech studies: A minimum level 5 for Mathematics, level 5 Physical Science and level 5 for English
Compliance with the minimum entry requirements of the Engineering and Science faculties as prescribed by the relevant Universities

Learners (currently in Grade 12) will be pre- evaluated on Grade 11 final results
Candidates who matriculated prior to 2013 will also be considered.

Exxaro assists students with their academic well-being and offer exposure to all the required fields of practical training. A mentor committee assists each bursary holder from the first year of study through to the Professional-in-Training structured training programme, offering advice on career decisions and dynamic opportunities within the organisation.

How To Apply?

Apply online on http://www.exxaro.com

Exxaro Bursary Application Forms (2019)

To download the form we request that you visit us if few days as we will have uploaded the 2019 one. The form helps Exxaro to capture all necessary details easily and respond in time to your bursary application.

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