GWK Bursary

GWK bursary is awarded by GWK which aims to improve the lives of our personnel, who can grow in an innovative company and be part of something much bigger.

GWK Vision

GWK aims to be the agri-leader in the food value chain and the best partner.

GWK Mission

We generate market-oriented business solutions in agri- and food supply in an entrepreneurial way, characterised by:

  • innovation
  • dynamic leadership
  • energetic execution
  • ownership backed by established and new trademarks

GWK Bursaries Value

GWK bursaries only covers registration, class and book fees

GWK bursary application closing date is 31 August

Feedback regarding successful applications will be provided annually on 31 October

How To Apply For GWK Bursaries?

Apply online here

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