Haw & Inglis Bursary

Haw & Inglis Bursary

Haw & Inglis Bursary information and application details are made available to assist student of South Africa with financial aid. Student must be registered in any institution of higher learning within the boarders of South Africa.

The Company has a programme to train students either at Universities, Universities of Techology and CETA Learnerships in order to ensure sufficient numbers of graduates and technicians for the company’s future needs.

It is customary for potential bursary candidates to work for the company for at least a year after their matriculation from school in order to give candidates the opportunity to judge whether they enjoy this type of work and industry and also to give the Company an opportunity to assess the candidate.

Thereafter, successful candidates will be sponsored to study Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Building Science at a University or University of Technology. This formal education is followed up by on the job training and mentorship under the supervision of skilled, trained and professional people.

Experiential Training

The Haw &Inglis Group offers vac work placements as well as experiential training in the following disciplines:


Students from Grade 10, excelling in both Mathematics and Science, can apply to the Company for a bursary. The students must have an interest in the Civil and Building Construction Industry to be considered.

Bursary Application Criteria

The applicant must have passed all subjects in the previous semester;
A keen interest in the civil and building construction industry;
The ability and willingness to work in rural areas;
Must enjoy the outdoors;
Good communication and leadership skills with an ability to take the initiative