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Understanding rural peoples’ sense of place and their environment: Implications for bio-cultural diversity conservation. One Masters level bursary (R 30,000 p.a. plus significant top-up) is available for an exciting interdisciplinary project in the Eastern Cape, funded by the South African Netherlands Program for Alternative Development (SANPAD) and based at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.
Project information The aims of this research project, which started in 2008, are to obtain a better understanding of the values attached by modernised rural communities in the Eastern Cape to their surrounding landscapes in respect of cultural significance and use of biodiversity and to assess the relevance of these values for developing effective biodiversity conservation policies and practices.
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The research is carried out by an interdisciplinary team with representatives of social and ecological sciences. Team members include Dr Michelle Cocks (Institute for Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University), Dr Freerk Wiersum (Forest and Nature Conservation Policy group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands), Tony Dold (Selmar Schonland Herbarium and Botany Department, Rhodes University) and Dr Susi Vetter (Botany Department, Rhodes University). Apply on