Nestle Bursary

Nestle bursary is aimed at ensuring a steady supply of skilled talent to meet Nestlé’s future talent needs and to address the skills shortage within the South African context.

Nestle Bursary Information

The Nestle bursary programme is similar to Avenge bursary in that provides for the support of South African students to study at an accredited South African tertiary institution up to an undergraduate level depending on the duration of the qualification.

Nestle Bursaries Application Requirements

• Applicant must be a South African Citizen between the ages of 17 – 25.
• Applicant is required to have a Senior Certificate with a minimum of a “C” aggregate (60 – 69%). A strong preference will be given to Mathematics, Science and Accounting.
• The applicant should be registered on a full time basis at an accredited institution of choice.
• The Bursary Programme provides for the support of South African students to study at an accredited South African tertiary institution up to an under graduate level depending on the duration of the qualification.
• The fields of study for which Bursaries are awarded will be determined by the Learning and Development Management department annually, strongly guided by critical and scarce skills identified in the business.

Nestle Bursary Renewal Process

• As a bursary recipient, the student must maintain a total average of at least 65% during the study year, and must submit results per semester when applying for renewal of the bursary for
the following year. Should the results of both semesters not meet the aggregate as required by the (NFT), application will be declined.
• It is the bursary recipient’s responsibility to ensure that he/she informs the company in writing should he/she wish to discontinue the bursary. All notifications of cancellation need to be submitted by no later than 1st September of the year of termination.
• Should a bursary recipient choose to discontinue the bursary, he/she will be required to pay back the full amount of assistance provided by Nestlé ZAR within twenty four months

Nestle Bursary Application Process

Find the application form in the Nestle Website
Applications are open from 01 August – 31 September 2018 Complete and submit application form, documents required to
Feedback will be given to you in December

Nestle Bursary Application Documents

To be considered for the bursary, all sections on the application form must be completed and accompanied by:
• The original tax invoice/ quotation, detailing the cost of the course.
• The original tax invoice/quotation from the bookshop for books.
• Proof of registration at the specified institution.
• Correct banking details for the institution on institution’s letter head.
• A copy of the students ID
• A copy of the latest academic results (If in Grade 12 the latest school report is required)
• If the applicant received a bursary for the previous year, a full transcript of the results is required
to be submitted.