Omnia Bursary

Omnia Bursaries Information

Omnia bursaries  give applicants the opportunity to learn about nutriology the science of growing through vacation work.

Omnia’s Agriculture division comprises Omnia Fertilizer, Omnia Specialities and International.

We have our main production facilities in Sasolburg, supported by an extensive logistics infrastructure footprint across South Africa, Africa and International.

In addition to our large-scale production facilities, we have a strong agronomic unit that plays a key role in advising farmers on how to improve the various aspects of farming practice and providing them with the specific tools to accomplish this.

Our competitive advantage lies in Nutriology®, or what we call the ‘science of growing’.

This is the core of our business philosophy and involves more than just selling fertilizer to farmers – it is about optimising yield and crop quality for maximum return while reducing farming and environmental risk.

Omnia Bursaries Available 2018

BSC Agricultural Science
BSC Chemical Engineering
BSC Chemistry
B Eng Mechanical Engineering
B Eng Computer Engineering (Software Development)

Omnia Bursaries  Experience Required

Studying towards degree and / or planning studies in 2018.

Good Academic Performance.

Closing Date for Omnia bursary: 30 September 2018

How To Apply?

Apply online on