Rand Water Bursary

Rand Water bursary scheme is to meet the needs of the organisation. The bursaries are awarded to persons from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. These bursaries have in the main been in engineering and scientific fields and carry an obligation for the recipient to work for Rand Water for a period on completion of their studies. Rand Water employs such bursars at its discretion, based on organisational requirements. These bursaries are open to all, including children of staff, who compete on the same basis as external applicants.

Rand Water Bursary Information

Bursaries are offered in fields which are relevant to Rand Water’s operational requirements and where there is a comparative scarcity of potential employees with appropriate tertiary qualifications.
  • BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy/light current)
  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Information Technology
  • BSc Quantity  Survey
  • Degree Financial Accounting
  • Degree Bachelor of Commerce
  • Degree Bachelor of Law
  • ND Environmental Science
  • ND Water Care
  • ND Human Resources Management
  • Chartered Secretariat

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