TETA Bursary

Teta Bursary Information

The Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) invites Unemployed Learners registered / planning to be registered within TVET and HET Institutions to submit applications for bursary funding.

Bursary Application Form

Use block letters to complete the form.
Read carefully before completing, signing or submitting this form.
Give concise answers and, where applicable mark appropriate blocks with an X.
Application forms with incomplete or incorrect information will be disqualified.
No faxed applications will be accepted
Late applications will not be considered.
Attach ALL of the following documents required.
– Certified copy of the latest academic transcript or record on official letterhead or logo (if you are already at university, university of technology or (TVET) College.
– Certified copies of achievement/qualification
– Certified copy of a valid South African identity document
– Proof of acceptance/admission to the public university; university of technology or TVET College

All required sections of the application form filled in appropriately.

(Section A – Personal Particulars Of Applicant,
Section B –Disabilities/ Special Needs,

Section C- Particulars of Degree/ Diploma For Which You Wish To Receive The Bursary,

Section D Financial Disclosure- Other Bursaries/ Sponsors,

Section E- Family Household Income,

Section F -Project Plan,

Section G- Project summary,

Course Cost,

Accommodation quotation, Transport),

Section H – Declaration,

Section I – Learner Assessment Checklist

TETA bursary application forms PDF format must be downloaded online. Once the forms are filled in they must be returned before the date below:

The application closing date for TETA bursaries is: 15 August 2018

TETA Bursary Application Forms 2019 PDF

Download bursary application form from http://www.teta.org.za/documents/Revised%20Bursary%20Application%20Form%202018%20(9).pdf