Evraz Highveld Bursary

Evraz Highveld bursary is annually made as an offer to student applicants who are already enrolled in institutions of higher learning. The institutions must be within the boarders of South Africa. Bursary applicants must be on their 3rd or final year of study, studying towards an Engineering or Science degree.

Bursary Value

Bursaries will pay for the following:

  • tuition fees
  • registration fees
  • accommodation allowance at university residence
  • meal allowance and
  • laptop allowance

Bursary Obligation

Upon completion of your studies, bursary holders will be required to fulfill contractual work at Evraz Highveld for a period equal to the number of years they were receiving the bursary assistance.

Who Can Apply?

For you to be considered for this bursary you must meet the following requirements:

You must be a South African
Achieved the following minimum results in Grade 12: level 5/ HG C for English, level 6/ HG B for Science, and level 7/ HG A for Mathematics,
Be enrolled on full-time basis towards a qualification in Engineering or Science
Your institution must be recognized by South African Qualification Authority
Be on the third level or third year of your studies
You must have achieved all previous tertiary courses for your qualification,
Be a hard-working student

Bursary Application Requirements

South African citizen

Completed Matric

Black student

Studying towards a Masters or Doctoral qualification OR in final year of undergraduate studies/ studying towards an honours degree

Studying in a field related to the Small Grains Industry

Thesis topic to be approved by the Winter Cereal Trust

Mentor and Co-Promotor to be selected – to be approved by the WCT and university where studies will take place

Direction To Apply?

You must download and complete the Evraz Highveld Bursary Application Form (pdf).

Complete application forms should be returned by email to talent@evrazhighveld.co.za

Bursary Application Address

For any bursary queries, please contact:
Recruitment Helpline
Tel: 013 690 9298
Email: talent@evrazhighveld.co.za