UKZN Trust Bursary

UKZN Trust Bursary Information

The University of KwaZulu-Natal commonly known as UKZN Trust aims to fulfil its objectives by making available financial assistance to needly who are enrolled at University of Kwazulu Natal.

UKZN Trust Bursaries Amount

The bursary is packaged such that it covers half of the applicant’s costs. However if the student achieves better academic results then the money is increased in accordance with the university’s policy.

Bursary applicants must have successfully finished their first-semester examinations in their first year of enrollment. The UKZN Trust no longer provides financial assistance to final-year students where their fees are covered by state support. Visit Ukzn Trust official website for full bursaries details.

Unfortunately application that are coming directly from learners will not be accepted. It is the university where students are enrolled that must provide the trust with a list of names of students who qualify. The Trust does not accept direct applications from students for its bursaries. Additional to that, details of parents’ finial standing are very necessary and the trust insists that these are submitted together with the application.

From time to time the Trustees communicate with bursars in order to get a sense of their hopes, ambitions and performance during the period of their studies.

Who Manages The UKZN Trust Bursaries?

The UKZN Trust bursary is managed by the institution which identified potential applicants. However the website of the trust helps students with information which helps them to understand what the bursary is about as they apply via the institution.