University of Pretoria Bursaries

University of Pretoria Bursaries Information

The University of Pretoria bursaries provides financial support packages for prospective as well as registered students with academic potential and clear-cut plans for the future. Undergraduate bursaries are available for both academic and non-academic achievement. Bursaries and loans are awarded on the grounds of both academic achievement and financial need.

The University considers applications for financial assistance from students who are South African citizens or permanent residents. Enrolled students with citizenship in SADC countries will be considered for UP undergraduate achievement bursaries, excluding top achiever awards, provided they meet the criteria. For UP postgraduate bursaries non-South African citizens are also considered for awards.

Prospective students must first apply for admission to the University. An application for study financing may be submitted only after a student number has been allocated.

Bursaries are fully repayable should bursary holders discontinue or terminate the study programme, for whatever reason, at any stage during the year in which the bursary was awarded. Should a bursary holder change his/her study programme during the year in which the award was made, the bursary value as initially awarded for the first study programme enrolled for, will remain unchanged. The award will therefore not be cancelled or adjusted upward/downward to align it with consecutive study programmes enrolled for.

Students previously registered at other universities must submit a complete academic record along with their application form. An application on which there is outstanding documentation or information will not be processed.

No bursaries will be awarded to students enrolled for a special study programme.
The University reserves the right to amend, without prior notice, the regulations and conditions applicable to the allocation of bursaries and loans.