Engcobo Municipality Bursary

Engcobo Local Municipality bursary invites all suitable qualified persons for External Bursary Programme for Academic Year 2019.

Engcobo Municipality Bursary Information

Bursaries Available
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
B com Accounting

Bursaries Requirements
Applications for bursary must be done in writing on the prescribed application form.

All bursary applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

Certified copies of the identity document of the applicant.

The estimated costs per subject for the relevant ac ademic year as provided by the academic institution together with the institution’s requirements for the combinations of subjects to obtain the qualification.

A copy of the most recent exam results ,and testimonials

The certified copy of the identity document of the parent or guardian

Parents salary advice or affidavit outlining the financial status of the parent/ guardian / Death Certificate(s) or Affidavit in case where the student does not have one or both parents.

Proof of residence specifically designed for the purpose of the bursary signed by the Ward Councillor and only obtainable from the Ward Councillor.

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply and disclose the nature of their disability.

Bursary Application Process
Engcobo municipality bursaries applications information can be found on the municipality website

Closing Date: 02 October 2018