BBD Bursary

BBD bursary is a commitment to providing opportunities for students and professionals looking to make a difference and work on exciting projects that vary.

The bursaries projects that we design and implement have a tangible effect on people from all walks of life, and so we ask for nothing less but total dedication, absolute professionalism and unbridled enthusiasm (bordering on the manic) from our new recruits.

Who Is Eligible for BBD Bursary?

A South African citizen currently studying at a South African high school?
Preparing to study at a South African university?
Passionate about creating and building software?

BBD Bursaries Available

  • Studying Computer Science
  • Software and Computer Engineering
  • Informatics or any related
  • IT fields

Do you have a minimum academic average of 65% in the above subjects?
If this sounds like you, and you’re chomping at the bit to get your IT-related degree, so that you can wow the world with your software skills, then BBD’s Bursary Application Programme could help you with some of the costs associated with your university studies.

BBD Bursaries Amount

tuition fees

prescribed books

accommodation and meals

and a monthly allowance for food

Or computer games.