RMB Bursaries

Rmb bursary are offered to Hons students in the Commerce, Business Science, Finance, Math, Quant, Accounting and IT / IS disciplines who have consistently excelled academically.

Rmb Bursary Information

Bursary requests should be submitted between September and November of each year, for the following year. All bursaries for 2019 have been finalised and allocated.

To apply for a bursary for 2019, please email your CV, motivation, all academic transcripts, and grade 12 results to bursaries@rmb.co.za by end November 2018. Bursars receive not only funding for studies,
books, all living expenses; They also receive the assistance of a mentor and are offered a place on our Winter School. Only South African citizens will be considered for a bursary.

Students search for bursaries for 2019 might be a bit late at this time around but there are those that close in January and we have included that list. Together with RMB, bcom bursaries online applications caught my eye and I performed a search online to see if this one comes up in the list and yes it did.

But also to my surprise, I once published African Bank bursaries on this website not expecting that student will actually pay attention to this one but they did. I suggest that you also consider looking this on up as it might also match your career path.

Our list for commerce bursaries 2019 has remain one to very exciting and visited almost every hour. We also ensure that we update it as frequent as possible and I suggest that you also check it out.

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