Managing Exam Stress

By | November 1, 2010

We wish all those writing their exams in 2010 all the best.

Examination stress has many different sources. The combination of different factors, namely the thoughts and emotions that each student has, is responsible for creating the stress.

Lack of Self Confidence

Perhaps the number one cause that creates stress on students is the sense that they do not have the ability to cope with the demands of the exams. This is a subjective belief, and really does not mean that the student does not have the skills to pass, but fears that they do not have confidence in themselves.


Another critical factor that causes examination stress is that there is intense competition for the limited available places in higher education. This means that some people will stay out of them. Another fear is that students believe that the effort made for reading will be “lost” if the student does not pass the exams.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts generated by the student before the exams are a very important cause of stress: how difficult and endless is the material to study, how many things you have to remember, the fears of what will happen if they do not pass the exams, the believe that if they do not pass the exams their future will be lost and they will feel like a loser, and in other words, the thoughts of all those catastrophic scenarios, which deny the opportunity to the students to believe in themselves and put all their energy and focus on preparing for the exams.
During the days of the exams, students and parents redouble their efforts for success. These days the anxiety and stress of children, who are nothing but «disguised» fear of possible failure in examinations, grow. Certainly what is needed to know and remembered by candidates and parents is that to some extent, stress is normal and creative. Stress mobilizes us in difficult and challenging phases of our lives and helps us to make maximum efforts to achieve our goals!