Motivational Letter For Bursary

By | June 16, 2018

Motivational Letter For Bursary

When you are submitting your bursary application, there are requirements that are always attached to it. Motivational letter for bursary is one of them. The letter must be written by the student who is applying for the bursary.

Motivational Letter Format

The letter must be written on an A4 paper with a very clear font. Make sure that sentences on your motivational letter for bursary are kept short to make it easy for the bursary office to go through it. You must also write it such that it has paragraphs and that these are clearly separated from each other.

Motivation Letter Address

The bursary letter must consists of two address and i.e. your address and that of the company from which you are requesting a bursary. The reason why you must add your address on the motivational letter for bursary is so that when the company wants to respond to you, they find your address easily.

How Long Must The Letter Be?

Your letter aims to communicate exactly why you think you must be one of the candidates considered for the bursary. Make sure that you keep your letter to just one page. Long letters are boring and officials do not have time to go through junk letters.

Make sure that you communicate the following:

Your current studies

Your recent examinations results

Your career goals

Your financial need

Your commitment to your studies

When Must Motivational Letter For Bursary Be Written?

We always remind students that your career is very important and they must take it very seriously. This is why you must always be proactive when it comes to it. You must always do your things early. Motivational letter for bursary must reach the company from which you seek assistance as early as March. This give that company’s bursary officials enough time to go through all letters from applicants for consideration.