Clover Bursary

Clover bursary is awarded annually to individuals who are dynamic and display leadership qualities and lead a balanced lifestyle. Students who are determined to succeed, present academic record and have completed your first year of study must submit their applications. Clover bursary applications must come from individuals who are studying towards a degree.

Clover Bursary Information


Logistics / Supply Chain


Food Science


Clover Bursary Value

Clover awards a bursary amounting to R75 000 per year until completion of the approved qualification.

Bursary Application Requirements

Clover bursary must be renewed annually by presentation of acceptable performance results as per standards determined by Clover.

Students must be Clover Ambassadors and to maintain high academic performance levels

and exemplary behaviour during their years of study. Similar to these requirements are those of Spoornet bursaries for 2019.

Clover Bursaries Condition

• Bursary payments are made directly to the bursar twice a year.

• Students are responsible for the payment of registration and class fees, accommodation, travel and subsistence after they have received payments from Clover

• Clover will not pay for subject the student is repeating and is the same as Telkom bursaries.

• Once you complete your qualification Clover may offer you the opportunity to join the Clover Young Professional Development Program and you must be willing to be deployed at any of the Clover Sites in Africa

Clover Bursary Selection

• Bursary applicants must have completed first year of study

• Preference will be given to applicants with exceptional academic records and who maintain a balanced lifestyle

• You must be a full-time student at Universities on the Clover List

Student awarded Clover bursary are advised to ensure that their results are submitted before the end of the academic year. This helps the bursary office to allocate bursaries for the following academic year on time to avoid delays.

How To Apply for Clover Bursaries?

If you are interested in Clover bursary 2019 you must apply online on