Winter Cereal Trust Bursary

The Winter Cereal Trust bursary is awarded to at least 10 postgraduate students each year. Additional to that 3 more bursaries are made available to black students in their final year of undergraduate studies or studying towards an honours degree. Winter Cereal Trust bursaries are allocated for fields of study relevant to the Small Grains Industry, for Masters and Doctoral qualifications.

Bursaries Available

Bursary award values differ according to the level of qualification and length of study:
R43 000/year for undergraduate/ Honours degrees (for a one year)
R52 000/year for MSc degrees (for two years)
R66 000/year for PhD degrees (for three years).

Winter Cereal Trust Bursary Obligation

Upon completion bursary applicants will be expected to take up employment within the Small Grains Industry for an equal amount of time as their bursary awarded.

Who Qualifies To Apply

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

South African citizen,
Black student (Coloured, Indian or African),
Studying towards a Masters or Doctoral qualification OR in final year of undergraduate studies/ studying towards an honours degree (and plan on studying towards a postgrad),
Studying in a field related to the Small Grains Industry,
Thesis topic to be approved by WCT,
Mentor and Co-Promotor to be selected – to be approved by the WCT and university where studies will take place.


Download and complete the Winter Cereal Trust Bursary Application Form (pdf).

Please include the following items in your application pack:

Matric certificate (certified copy),
Matric subjects and exam results,
Full tertiary academic record (on tertiary letterhead),
Qualification certificates (certified copies),
Full CV,
Research proposal for research project,
Motivational letter (why your research proposal will be valuable to the Small Grains Industry),
Mentor’s letter of support,
Mentor’s motivation letter for your research project,
Co-Promotor’s letter of support.

Complete application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted to:
1ST Floor, Block C


P O Box 7088

Interested students should also download and read the Winter Cereal Trust Bursary Info (pdf).


31 August 2017.


For any bursary queries, please contact:
Winter Cereal Trust Bursary Scheme Administrator: Peter Cownie
Tel: 012 667 1058

Alternatively, please contact the Winter Cereal Trust Administration
Tel: 012 663 1600
Fax: 086 617 9409
Awie Coetzee / Ishmael Tshiame
Mobile: 082 379 1451 / 082 440 0216
E-mail: /