Sport Bursaries

By | November 19, 2010
Sport Abursaries
If you are a promising athlete, have performed well at school, provincial or national and international level, the right place to pursues your academic and sporting career is the University of the Western Cape. Provided that you also fulfill academic requirements, you may apply for our sport bursaries. These sports bursaries are also available to matriculants with good sports perfomances and wishing to study at UWC. Apart from sport bursaries the university also offers a number of other bursary/loan options. Enquiries for these sport bursaries can be directed to the following person :
Ms L Anthony
Head of Financial Aid
021 959 2310
Mrs I Groenewald
General Sports Bursaries
021 959 2548
Mr. N Kock
Cricket Bursaries
021 959 2350